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Beginner’s Guide to Understanding a Set of House Plans

Depending on how much detail your builder or local building inspector requires, the minimum set of plans should include the floor plan, exterior elevations, foundation or basement plan, and a roof plan drawn to scale. Just so you’ll know, a scale is nothing more than a shrunken ruler so that 1′ -0″ (12 inches) is… Read More »

Drawing a Floor Plan

It is not the intention of this article to give you a complete course in drawing a floor plan. That is a very involved process. In short though, I would like to walk you through the process for your general information. Most all plans start with a sketch of some sort made by the prospective… Read More »

Reading House Plans For Real Estate Appraisal

Especially if you are appraising a newer home, the possibilities are good that an architectural plan is available for the home. If so, you need to know what you are looking at. In this article, I plan to break down the basic sheets usually found in a set of house blueprints. The Floor Plan This… Read More »

Reading Dimensions on a Floor Plan

A dimension is the measurement of one point to another. In the case of an architectural floor plan, it is what guides a framer to build the building. So in fact, dimensions are one of the most important elements of a floor plan drawing. Without them there would be no way to determine the geometry… Read More »

What is a Site Plan

Even before a set of architectural drawings is created, it’s necessary to determine if a building will fit on a piece of real estate. This is where a site plan comes into play. No complete set of architectural plans is really complete without the site plan. A site plan, also known as a plot plan,… Read More »

Residential Electrical Drawings

There are certain drafters (draftsmen) who specialize in specific fields of drafting. There are some who actually subcontract to designers and architects to complete special plans like electrical, plumbing, HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning), site plans, structural detailing, cabinets, special detailing and sectional drawings, etc., Most times these are drafters who are already trained in… Read More »