Architectural CAD Detals


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Architectural Details is the result of 20 years of Residential Drafting & Design on the CAD systems. Since the 1990’s, we’ve built up one whopper of an archive of Descriptive Drawings. One of the first things we’ve learned in this type of work is it’s best not to draw something more than once if you can help it. That’s the beauty of a CAD system. Once something is drawn, you can re-use it over and over with a few modifications.

We‘ve put together a Residential Drawing Symbol Package in DXF format that contains the following:

  • Several Residential Sections
  • Plumbing Isometric Examples
  • Stair Details
  • Office Furniture in Plan View
  • Residential Framing Details
  • Footing Details
  • Framing Isometrics
  • Floor Plan Symbols, ie., stoves, sinks, washers, dryers, etc.
  • Exterior Elevation Symbols, ie., doors, pediments, shutters, etc.
  • Electrical Legend & Symbols
  • Cabinet Elevations in Most All Mfg. Sizes
  • Cabinet Detail Examples
  • Disabled Accessibility Restroom Details
  • 20th Scale Site Plan Symbols
  • and more….
    • Also included with the package is 5 sheets of Generic Architectural Details.
      • ALL FOR $19.95