Plumbing Isometric Drawings

Comples Plumbing Isometric Drawing

Welcome to our Plumbing Isometric Drafting Course

This course was created for those who are wanting to learn to draw and understand Plumbing Iso’s. Plumbing Isometrics allow pipes to be drawn in a way that the length, width and depth are visible in one view instead of many on an set of architectural drawings.

What’s Contained in the Course:

  • CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) instructions included with the course:
  • Forward: What are we trying to create and why
  • Using the Floor Plan as a reference
  • Preparing the drawing
  • Drawing the Waste Isometric
  • Drawing the Supply Line Isometric
  • The Valves and Fittings
  • Arranging the Sheet into the rest of the drawings and labeling

What’s Included:

  • The entire course jamb packed with illustrations.
  • Complete CAD Drawings of a house that we’ll use to make our plumbing drawings.
  • Printable PDF files of all the drawings used in the class. These can be taken to a local print shop or Staples and printed to full size 24″ x 36″ paper for ease of study or use on a drafting board.
  • Full Tech Support.

To Register:

The Tuition is $19.95. Your one time tuition gives you access to the entire course for a period of one year. Once It’s received, you’ll be emailed with instructions on how to begin the course via the email address supplied by PayPal.